Teaching Models In Psychology

Psychologists can develop many scientific theories and principles from different experiments to understand the human behavior for teaching. Teaching is the combination of science and arts that helps a person to develop his inner abilities.

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Teaching Models In Psychology

A teacher can help the students to learn the knowledge, positive attitude and values. Teacher’s knowledge, resources, and skills are very important in educational psychology with the professional material. Here at TryArticles, I have discussed the models of teaching.

The Models Of Teaching

Role of a teacher is very important in education because only a teacher can develop and polish the abilities of his students. He also works as a transmitter of knowledge with a combination of talent. To know about the three teaching models read this article till the end.

The Transmitter Of Knowledge

It is the most common model of teaching that believes the teacher as transmitter of knowledge for learners. Teacher learns from everywhere and collects his knowledge to teach the students in the best way. The teacher always select a well known and definite context to pass on it to his pupils.The Transmitter Of Knowledge

This model reveals that the teacher gives a basic knowledge and information to the students before they think for themselves. A teacher is always trying to polish the new ideas and abilities of pupils. This model is assigning the following things.

  • Work.
  • Activity.
  • Decisions of the teacher.

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A Teacher Reveals The Structure Of The Discipline

This model suggests that a teacher reveals the structure of the discipline. It also taught the concept and overall process of inquiry. The problem-solving ability of teachers is very important in educational psychology. Mathematician uses motives to taught pupils because this method produces curiosity and excitement.A Teacher Reveals The Structure Of The Discipline

That’s why it is called the best method of teaching. Teachers can ask different questions in lessons and analyze the material. The teacher always develops listening techniques for the learners. He performs many roles in the success of students in practical life.

Interpersonal Learning

This model is forced to develop the human relationships between a teacher and pupil. If a teacher can convey empathy and a good lesson, the pupil can also learn and transfer it. The environment of the classroom can become better from empathy and positive teaching skills.

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Human interactions in a positive way always create the best surrounding environment. Carl Roger is the exponent of this model who justified it. He says that attention is much necessary to analyze any condition and create experimential learning for an educator.

He believes in feelings and experiences not in thinking because experiences can give many ways to do practical things. He also said that people only learn that material or information which is important for them.

Professor Herbert Thelen who belongs to Chicago University mentioned the following common views that are important in the role of teachers.Interpersonal Learning

Model 1: (Socrates)

The teacher always saw himself as much wise than students. His debate and proactive statements always prove beneficial for the students. The positive self-image of a teacher is very important for the students. The method of questioning and discussing can build the confidence of teacher as well as of students.

Model 2: (The Town Meeting Manager)

The teacher saw himself as cooperating member of the class who controls overall environment. Educators should speak for the equal rights of human being. They are considered as confident and sharp minded from the discussion.

Thelen notices the town meeting manager as more moderator than an expert in the educational system. The teacher works as a moderator who encourages the member of the classroom to participate in the discussion actively.

Educational psychology is based on a confident teacher who can teach pupils in a positive way with logic and new ideas. It is also necessary to understand the mentality of students.

Model 3: (The Master)

The teacher is considered himself as a genuine role model for the students. He plays multiple roles for the pupils and encourages his students to live a meaningful and disciplined life. A teacher act as a father, colleague, friend, and a boss.

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Modeling technique is important in educational psychology. The students follow their teachers and act as a miniature version. Learners can follow the style of dressing, speaking or teaching of their master.

Model 4: (The General)

The teacher always saw him as full of guts and abilities. He taught his pupil to act upon on law and demands of parents. A teacher has a power to punish the students or give a reward for good performance. He also acts as a kind and gentle for the learners who depend on him.

Self-worth of a teacher matters a lot to teach and transfer it to his students. Educational psychology discovers many theories to understand the nature of students. Eye contact of a teacher is very important during the lectures in the classroom. Gesture and movements are shown in his confidence and attention towards class.

Model 5: ( The Businessman)

Teacher perceives himself as a business executive in the education department. He operates a company which is the classroom and works for business dealt with employees who are learners in any school, college or university.

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The students who are working as employees consult with the business executive on every task. The mental and physical energy of teacher is necessary to convey knowledge and information. The enthusiasm in the conversation of the teacher has forced the students to pay attention.

Model 6: ( The Coach)

The teacher now perceives himself as an inspiring a person. The students work in the group as members of a team. The teacher works as a coach and throws himself in the task to gain final score and completion of the mission.

The communication and encouragement of teacher can play a better role in working of students. He also acts as a good listener in the class.

Model 7: ( The Tour Guide)

The unmistakable resemblance of a teacher to professional guide produce determinant environment. He is considered himself as a self-controlling person. A teacher should analyze his pace of speech during lectures. Effective communication and discussion prove good for a healthy environment in the classroom.

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