The Best Exercises To Burn Belly Fat

Slim, toned and smart physique is perhaps the dream of everyone, young or old, male or female. But unfortunately, this is also one of the most chronic health problems these days, largely due to our lifestyle and eating habits. Due to the busy daily schedule, most people are unable to follow a regular exercise plan. Additionally, there is hardly any physical exertion in our daily business routines.

Coupled with that, our eating habits are immensely imbalanced. Result? Accumulation of fats on hips and abdomen. Now, if you have a big belly, you cannot dream of a smart and toned appearance. The agony is that, even if you start following a regular exercise plan to slim your belly but do not take care of your diet, you can never achieve your goal.


So, for the slim and smart body, a toned up belly is the foremost requirement, but for a toned belly, free of fats, you need to follow a regular plan of exercises coupled with the controlled diet and little change in your lifestyle, as well. Here we are suggesting some useful techniques and exercises that are considered the Best Exercises to Burn Belly Fat.

Types Of Exercises Good For Burning Belly Fat

To achieve the target of a fat-free belly, exercises play the key role, as these are helpful in the fast burning of fats that may accumulate in the abdominal region. There are two types of exercises that are useful for burning belly fat. These are known as Cardio and Toning Exercises.

Cardio exercises are helpful to burn calories, as by doing these exercises your cardiovascular system gets enhanced, thus increasing the blood circulation. The result is obvious, a slim belly. But when it comes to burning fats, you have to rely on the Toning Exercises. These type of exercises actually help to strengthen of muscles aimed at tightening the abdomen area muscles.

Cardiovascular Exercises

So, for getting quick and effective results, you need to do cardio exercises for at least half an hour daily. This will help you burn your belly fats at a faster rate. If you can increase the intensities of these cardiovascular exercises, you can get even better results. These exercises are as under:

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cross Training Exercises: Cross trainer machine is good for working on your whole body, including arms, legs and buttock. It helps a lot in burning the calories.

Running: Running is one of the best exercises for overall fitness of body, but have a very significant effect on your belly. Running may be in the open field, track or even inside the gym on a treadmill. All types of running are equally beneficial for burning belly fats.

Cycling: Just like the running, cycling is also very useful exercise for a belly. You can use your own bicycle to roam around in the streets. Equally good is the idea of going to the gym for cycling. Both types of cycling have the same impact on burning of belly fats.

Toning Exercises

In addition to cardio exercises, you must also follow the Toning Exercises. These are the exercises which tone your belly by burning fats in this region and strengthening the muscles. These are exercises that provide strength to your abdominal muscles, by working on all parts of your abdominal area, the upper, lower and the lateral areas.

Exercises For Upper Abdominal Area

The most effective exercise for upper abdomen is the “Crunch”. Also known as Crunch with Tucked legs. For doing this exercise you need to lay on the exercise mat with the straight body. Now bend your knees by lifting up and then lifting your core. Repeat for 10-12 times in one set and do three to five sets a day.

Upper Abdominal Area

The second exercise for upper abdomen is done by lying down on the exercise mat and raise up the legs towards the roof keeping those straighter. Now lift up the torso with the help of abdominal muscles. Hold here for a while and then return back to original position. Repeat for 10-12 times in one set and do 3-5 sets a day.

Exercises For Lower Abdominal Area

While lying on an exercise mat with a straight body, lift the legs without bending, to the extent where these are parallel with the floor. Maintain this posture for at least 15-20 seconds, take a little rest and repeat again for 2-3 times.

Lower Abdominal Area

As in the first exercise, lie down on the exercise mat and raise up your hips so that these are lifted up from the ground whereas the hips should bend towards the ribs area, with legs straightened. Maintain this posture for 15-20 seconds and repeat for 2-3 times with slight interval.

Exercises For Lateral Abdominal Area

The first exercise for sides of the abdomen is known as “Vertical Scissors”. For doing this, you need to lay sideways on the exercise mat. Now lift up your leg to the maximum possible extent and then lower it back to the original position. The weight of your head and neck should be on your elbow anchored on the ground. Repeat with both legs by changing the side. Repeat for 10-15 times.

Lateral Abdominal Area

For doing the second exercise for lateral abdomen you need to lie down on the exercise mat. Now lift up your upper torso and bend your knees towards roof while feet on the ground. Doing so, the entire weight of your body will be on your back. Once reaching this posture, try touching the ankles with your stretched hands. Repeat for 10-15 times in one set and do 3-5 sets a day.

In addition to the above, you may also add plank exercises which are good for entire abdomen area, effectively, thus hardening your abdominal region. Further, you can also take help of mobile phone apps for achieving the target of a slim and fat-free belly.

Role Of Balanced Diet

As said earlier, only exercises will not be sufficient in achieving the fate free belly; you must also take care of your diet. Intake of the balanced diet with reasonable intervals plays a key role in your endeavor. Following useful tips will help you a lot.

Balanced Diet
  • Make fruits and vegetables a major part of your diet.
  • Reduce the food items that are rich in fats and sugar.
  • Intake food that is rich in low-fat protein.
  • Take five small meals in a day, instead of two or three big meals.
  • Make sure that the dinner must be light; avoid heavy intake during dinner.
  • As we always emphasize, be consistent in your workouts and take care of your diet. Never hesitate to consult the professional trainers if you feel difficulty at any stage.

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