The Best Vitamins For Exercise – Natural Workout Supplements

Vitamins are very important for the human body. These are responsible for the evolution of cells in our body. During the growth process of body cells/tissues, various minerals and vitamins are required. These are responsible for chemical reaction to take place in the human body for production of muscles, bones and skin.

Deficiency of any one or more nutrients (the vitamins and minerals) may result in serious repercussions. Although the major source of vitamins and minerals is the food we eat, yet in some cases, when any deficiency of any of these nutrients occur, we have to rely on the additional dose of these nutrients to mitigate the effects of deficiency.


A very common example is the Vitamin D, which is produced in the skin when exposed to direct sunlight. But with the people spending the major part of their day inside (away from direct sunlight), the deficiency of Vitamin D has to be made good through medication.

Apart from the evolution of the cellular structure of human body, the vitamins and minerals are also responsible for onward health and continuous maintenance of tissues and organs of the body. Therefore, it is presumed that vitamins and minerals provide energy to human organs.

Now, if you are a regular sports player or follow the daily routine workout plans, Nutrient Supplement is a must for you to maintain the growth and consistency of your body tissues, muscles and bones. Vitamins are therefore the need of your body in that case.

Here we are suggesting the best vitamins for exercise.

Types Of Vitamins

There are 13 vitamins which are generally recognized; these are Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, C, D, E & K. Naturally, these all vitamins are available in various food items. But in case of deficiency, if we have to rely on medication, special tablets and capsules of these vitamins are also available, which can be used as the supplement for making good the deficiency of various minerals and vitamins. However, be careful not to take the excessive dosage.

Types Of Vitamins

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B Complex (comprising of entire B series) is considered one of the best vitamin supplement for exercises. These are the Vitamins which are responsible for the conversion of Carbohydrates in energy. First, the Carbohydrates are converted to Glucose. Afterwards, the Glucose is utilized to produce energy.

Vitamin B1 is good for sports activities, B2 for overall health and B3 for energy through absorption of Carbohydrates.

Vitamin C

Another source of energy for exercises is Vitamin C. These are responsible for iron absorption, which ultimately strengthens the connective tissues. Also, good at the disintegration of food, enabling it to get absorbed in the human system. Richly available in Citrus Fruits and different vegetables

Vitamin E

Very useful vitamin for athletics. Controls the muscle damage and facilitates recovery process, after your workout session. Nuts, Olive and various seeds are the good natural source of Vitamin E.


Together with the vitamins, minerals are an essential part of the nutrients required by the body for growth and maintenance of cellular structure and muscles. There are different minerals which are required by the body, especially when you are doing exercises or playing sports.

  • Iron – Avoids fatigue, especially after athletic activities. Facilitates immune system of human body. Keeps you alert and improves your memory. Symptoms of iron deficiency are paleness, tiredness and declined overall performance of the body. Tachycardia is also a symptom of low iron in your body. All meat items, some vegetables like spinach and most of the cereals are the rich source of iron.
  • Potassium – Regular & excessive physical activity demands more potassium in your body. Potassium facilitates, nerves and flow of blood in your system. High blood pressure, weakness and fatigue can be controlled by proper utilization of Potassium, as a supplement. However, the natural source of Potassium is Banana, Pineapple, onions and strawberries.
  • Magnesium – Magnesium is responsible for the synthesis of protein. Also provides strength to bones. Common symptoms of deficiency of magnesium are Cramps and Tingling. Soy, seafood, nuts, spinach and chocolate are good natural source of this mineral.

  • Calcium – Very common and widely known source of bone strength, especially in females, that’s why physicians always recommend women to take the supplement of Calcium available in form of tablets. Apart from its major role in bone strengthening, calcium is also responsible for facilitation of transmission of nerve impulses. Also, prevent contraction of muscles. All dairy products, fish and nuts are the very good natural source of Calcium.
  • Zinc – It is important for the protection of the immune system of human body. Its deficiency may result in loss of appetite and delayed wounds healing. Meat, nuts and some vegetables are rich sources of Zinc.
  • Selenium – Selenium is good for overall health of human body. It is antioxidant. Its deficiency may result in heart disease and aching of muscles. Good natural source of selenium is tomato, fish, bread and onions.

The above-referred nutrients (Vitamins & Minerals) are available in tablets and capsules form as a supplement for your requirement when exercising. However, these are readily and richly available in natural food items, as well.

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