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Top 10 Gay-Friendly Destinations Around the World

Gay Friendly Destinations

This article is a compilation of my favorite top destinations in Mexico for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered traveler. Mexico is my kind of country. The culture, history, and weather are all great influences of this ancient South American country. I have so much fun visiting and staying in Mexico City (it’s amazing!) and San Miguel (my favorite Mexican city with a warm and inviting vibe).


I’ve been to the most amazing gay bars in Europe. The Venetian in Milan; Barriers Bar in Antibes, France; Box in London; The Rose Bar in Brussels and Tivoli’s in Turin. I’ve also been to the most gay-friendly beaches in Europe as well. A note on same-sex marriage: Spain has a gay marriage law that is legal in Spain and officially recognized by the European Court of Human Rights. Portugal has civil unions that are recognized by most of the European countries.


The top 10 gay-friendly destinations in Europe are pretty diverse. There is no such thing as the perfect gay vacation – it’s all about finding the right atmosphere for you! Some good ideas are Switzerland, France, Italy, Monaco, Barcelona, Costa Rica, New Zealand, South America, Thailand, and Palm Springs in California. No matter where you travel, the landscape and climate are pretty much perfect for light travelers.


In terms of culture, there are two outstanding cities in Europe: Amsterdam and Paris. Amsterdam is known for its liberalizing, gay-laced culture. In Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are must-see sites. As for my personal favorite European city, London, you can visit the British capital and experience its multiculturalism and historic importance. There are numerous gay-tour groups that will make you feel at home in any of these cities.


One of my personal favorites when it comes to finding gay-friendly accommodation in the city is Amsterdam. I have been to Amsterdam a couple of times and each time was so different. A great place to start exploring Amsterdam for gay people visiting from the United States is Vondelpark. This is a residential suburb of Amsterdam and it is also the home of the Ahlan, which is an openly lesbian community.


The next best thing in Amsterdam for gay people traveling from the United States is the Castro District. Here they look out from luxury hotels at a new ‘man-made’ bank called the Castro. You will also find a gay-owned cinema called Cineplex. For entertainment go to the Amsterdam gay quarter, Molen van Sloten. It is located on Sloten, which is one of the main streets in the Amsterdam city center. There are cafes, clubs, discos, and even a beer garden!


Rome may be a popular choice for many of you, but I can assure you that St Tropez will top your list. This historically charming area is home to some of Europe’s most famous churches such as the Vatican. If you are interested in light travel and would like to experience a unique spiritual experience, consider taking part in a guided tour group, such as the Rome Gay Tour or the St. Catherine’s Monastery.


Last but not least on our list is Barcelona. This beautiful city is full of excitement, beauty, and culture. There are plenty of gay-friendly hotels, bars, and clubs, as well as plenty of community groups to meet with and enjoy a cup of tea with. If you have never been to Spain or Brazil, you should seriously consider making a trip to this country as it has so much to offer.


The next thing on our list of top destinations for gay bars, pubs, and nightclubs is Copenhagen, Denmark. Just across the pond from Stockholm, Denmark, you can experience the thrill and excitement that only exist in the land of Denmark. Here you will find trendy and friendly pubs, and gay bars, as well as concerts, theater events, and other cultural events, all in addition to gay marriages.


One of the newest members of our Top 10 gay destinations is London. London is the world’s capital for gay and light travel and is home to thousands of gay and LGBT people. You can visit London without ever leaving the city and explore its many attractions, from the art museum to the tower that stands nearly seven hundred feet into the air. If you are going to London, you should definitely consider making the trek into the west end of the city and visiting The Theater, which is known for staging major plays and musicals. There is also the West End Theater, where you can catch performances by touring theater companies.


No list of top destinations for gay-friendly travel would be complete without a mention of Amsterdam. The capital city of the Netherlands may not be as packed with tourists as London or Paris, but it is still a great place to experience European culture and nightlife. Much like London, Amsterdam offers gay bars, pubs, and nightclubs, and the nightlife here runs the full spectrum from club-hopping to karaoke and burlesque. For those who are interested in a more laid back lifestyle, Amsterdam’s farm village, and countryside can provide a much more relaxed escape than the busy city streets.

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