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What Is Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest?

Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest

You might be curious about what is fairy tail 100 year quest? If you like to watch different series on the internet then you may familiar with Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest. It is a Japanese series that focuses on Natsu Dragneel. He has a team also. Hiro Mashima is the writer of this series.

Atsuo has illustrated the whole series. The team of Natsu Dragneel aimed to fulfill a mission that was unfinished. The mission is a century old. The team belongs to the titular wizard guild. The manga was launched in the manga app of Kodansha’s Magazine Picket.

Moreover, the series was launched first in July 2018. The series got a license from Kodansha USA. It was released in the English language in North America. Eight tankobon volumes of the series have been released on February 2021 in Japan.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest is associated with the manga series and original Fairy Tail anime. The team of Natsu is on the mission of a 100-year quest in a nutshell. The team includes the characters of Lucy, Gray, Wendy, and Erza including Natsu.

Mission was mentioned earlier when Natsu meets Gildarts. Master Makarov has assigned him a job. The team of Natsu starts the mission to fulfill the job. They have no clear idea about the mission at the start. The team has to seal and restrict dragon gods that are five in number.

These gods are not weak. They are maybe stronger than even acnologia. The team has to complete the mission. One dragon said that he is the biological son of the Igneels. The team of Natsu was finding ways to seal those dragons.

The story is basically associated with a specific mission that the Natsu seam has to complete. The 40 above chapters of the story have been released till now. Some seasons become hit because people like to watch those seasons repeatedly.

The mission is important to fulfill because no one can complete it from a century. The location of the mission is the continent of Guiltina’s northern side. The dragons have much power and they want the destruction of the whole world.

The team of Natsu has to save the world from the dragons. Series have different parts. Some episodes of the series are much curious and full of adventures. A new member named Touka enters the Fairy Tail. This member has a witch.

The witch is much powerful that it can even seize the strength of dragons for her own aims. Hiro Mashima has posted a tweet on 5 April 2018 about the series sequel. He did not confirm in the tweet that whether he would return as a good illustrator or not.

On 27 June, Mashima confirmed that the title of the manga is Fairy Tail Zokuhen. Atsuo Ueda worked on the series and Mashima provided him storyboards that were original. Firstly, the two chapters of the manga were launched.

The chapters were published in Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket on 25 July 2018. The dragons in the story have the ability to think about several humanoid forms. They have the power to cause potential catastrophe. The Japanese Series got good reviews.

Some reviews explained that certain chapters of the series need improvement. Other people have dropped reviews about the equipment and location of the series. Series have a good number of fans. If you also watch the series then drop your review.

Reviews help people to become more clear with the stories of the series. You can also discuss the positive and negative points of the series. It will help the producers and writers to improve the series. There are many websites that accept the stories to produce series.

If you are interested in creating a series like this then write a complete story and send it to the specific website that is accepting the short stories for making the series. In this way, you can produce more good series on the different platforms of the internet like YouTube. I hope you find our post on What Is Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest? helpful.

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