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How Many Times Do We Have To Teach You This Lesson Old Man?

How Many Times Do We Have to Teach You This Lesson Old Man

There are many quotations, videos, and memes that go viral. If you use social media activity then you may know about the “How Many Times Do We Have to Teach You This Lesson, Old Man?”

How many times do we have to teach you this lesson Old man

Most people know about this quotation because it’s a memorable quote. The quote has been taken from an animated television series in America named SpongeBob SquarePants.It’s an online screen capture of a dialogue that was said in the series as a joke.

It was used in the meaning of repeating oneself in an aggressive mood. The quote has been taken from the episode named “The Bully”.  The episode played on American television on 5 October 2001. You may know about the scene if you have watched the animated series.

The scene contains a crown of fishes or citizens that were saying the famous quote or dialogue to an old man. He was mistaking only himself for a Spongebob that was a bully. Spongebob was already escaping from the situation.

The nature of the scene was exploitable. That’s why the quote has been used as a reaction image and sometimes a micro image that is one paneled. It portrays the frustration that was clearly visible. 

The frustration was about repeatedly explaining a similar thing to an old man or someone. The clip of this scene was posted after ten years on YouTube. Finally, the reaction images and memes started appearing on Reddit and Twitter after sharing the clip of the scene.

People started sharing different variations of the meme. The meme became popular within one year on different sites. It became popular on Instagram also. The meme erroneously referred to as the meme of the angry fish crowd and Spongebob old man sometimes.

It is also famous as the Spongebob angry crowd meme, fishes teaching a lesson to someone or an old man, and the meme of teaching a lesson to the old man. People made it familiar with the names of Spongebob how many times one has to do the meme.

The episode of SpongeBob SquarePants was also premiered in the United State. A new character in the episode Flats the Flounder bullies SpongeBob, the titular character. SpongeBob flees the threats of the bullies in the episode.

An angry crowd in the scene started to mistake an old man for a bully reason. It happens a second time too. A blue fish named Harold Reginald says the quotation that goes viral. YouTuber ryan445544 posted this clip of the scene on Youtube.

The YouTuber got 310,000 views in the time period of eight years. Many people made reaction images and reposted the click on different social media platforms. YouTuber Avromps1999 posted a new version of the same clip on the YouTube channel.

The title of the clip was “How Many Times Do We Have to Teach You This Lesson, Old Man?” It was the original scene of the American animated series. The post got 1.2 million views in the time period of seven years. The clip was reposted on Twitter.

A user @PIACID tweeted on 11 March 2016 about the scene of “The Bully”. He recreated it as a screenshot. The post got 13,000 abore retweets. It was surprising that 12,000 people like the post in three years. Redditor MGLLN posted the same thread after a few weeks.

MGLLN posted it in the /r/BlackPeopleTwitter. You will be amazed to know that this post got 9,000 above points in the time period of three years. @Blops4Clips has reposted the tweet on 23 February 2017. They posted a screenshot related to the post as a reaction image.

The post got 1,400 likes and 500 above retweets after two years. People started posting the reaction images on the meme to get more retweets and likes. Instagrammer @spitblaze posted the image of the clip with a caption and the post got 60,000 notes in a period of two years.

A user musicman662 posted a variation of the meme on Redditor on 6 February 2019. The user of Redditor has reedited the caption and face of the character with the Reddit logo. The post got 16,000 above points and 120 comments.

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