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What’s Interesting About “I’m In This Photo And I Don’t Like It” Memes?

I'm In This Photo And I Don't Like It

Everyone uses Facebook nowadays. If you use Facebook widely then you may know about I’m In This Photo and I Don’t Like It. It is a retired Facebook option of the report for keeping your photos hidden from the timeline.

It can be yours or the timeline of others. The option became popular somehow and people have circulated the reaction images on this option on other social media platforms, like Google and Instagram. You can say that the sentence became a meme now.

The option of what’s going on appears first with the four choices. The first is about not interesting or annoying. The second contains the lines that I’m in this photo and I don’t like it. The third is about it not being present on Facebook while four is about spam.

You may have seen circulating screenshots of reaction images. Many people used the option to create different memes. Some attached the picture of babies with the screenshot of options while others attached the image of animated characters.

It’s not just a class meme. The sentence reveals a serious problem too. You may have seen memes anywhere or you may have created a reaction to it by saying these words yourself. The screenshot circulated a lot in the start as a reaction image.

You might wonder after seeing the screenshot of Facebook that what’s actually happening around you? Facebook uploaded it as an option to remove your photos from the timeline. We all go through this situation, we go outside, people hit someone that they should not and some get drunk.

People go and take pictures in these situations sometimes. It is up to you whether you want your pictures to be uploaded in such situations or not. Most people don’t want this scenario. Everyone cares for their privacy. 

It seems like a nightmare when you get up in the morning and see your uploaded photo on Facebook. You can simply tick that you don’t want to see the picture and then select the option that is much infamous. Here we are talking about I’, in this photo and I don’t like it.

Useful Function Of Facebook And A Meme

Facebook page of Men’s Humor was the first to remove the screenshot of the given options as a meme. It was added that the given option is just like a baby option in the other reasons that why you don’t want to see an image or photo.

A person created the meme of this option after two years. That person edited the text as I’m in this photo and I think that I should be in it. You can say that a legend of the famous meme was born. You can name your pictures related to holidays, nights out, and other fun activities.

The sentence was also changed into I’m in this photo and I don’t like it. But the FOMO does not change. It’s something real.

Not Liking The Photo In Real That Contains Your Picture
The problem exists that’s why the meme still exists. What to do if a meme becomes a reality for you? Usually, people steal content from different resources online. You may see the content on any website that you think should not be there.

Maybe it’s all about your photo and they have not taken your permission to use it. Another probability is that maybe it’s about your photo too and they don’t have real access to it whether it’s posted on a blog or Instagram. You have a right to remove it if it was used even without taking your concern.

Have you heard about DMCA? It is used for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Hence, it is a piece of law of the United State. It makes infringement of the copyright on any platform illegal. It can also help you in removing the content that you don’t want.

It’s an open choice to file a DMCA claim if you suffer any situation like someone has used your photo or content without your permission. Visit the website Provide the details that are basic such as your web address and the address of the offending website.

Explain how the content is stolen and what it is in reality. Mainly we have discussed photos in the article that you are reading. DMCA also covers other content types like apps, eBooks, videos, music, or complete websites even.

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