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My Wife Is A Demon Queen?

My Wife Is A Demon Queen

You might be curious that what does “My wife is a demon Queen” means? People read different stories on the internet. They read interesting stories on different websites and other social media platforms. There are many stories that are full of adventures and curious events.

If you also read such stories then you may probably have information about the My Wife Is A Demon Queen. The story revolves around a male protagonist who is powerless and a demon queen. He is a normal protagonist who aims to take care of the demon queen Isabella.

The queen forcefully suppresses her status and abilities as a regal. She has many powers. Isabella is living just like humans. She dressed up and eats as humans do. Evil masterminds make plans and take the powerful demon queen to fantasy land.

The fantasy land looks like the lands of middle age. Isabella is a queen of a tribe named the demon tribe. She is the main character in the whole story. Many servants worked for Isabella in the tribe. One of the servants has betrayed her badly.

The name of the servant was Lilian. She lost the power of a demon. She is trying to learn swordsmanship. The queen is forced to hide in the humans. The story has a great twist. Fans of My Wife Is A Demon Queen revealed the curiosity about the different chapters.

The queen has joined the Royal Academy as the Yi Bei. She was living as the wife of a man named Xiang Ye’s. Isabella has a great personality. She fits the character of a queen. You can say that she is dignified and solemn. The queen remembers her followers.

She does care for all of her followers of the tribe. The noble queen becomes upset if any of her followers suffer the worries. She does not misuse her power. The queen always respects her power. She doesn’t believe the wars that are mindless.

Isabella is very kind. The followers of the demon tribe revealed that the queen is not cruel. Queen does not believe in the human race at the start of the story. Her behavior towards her husband Xiang Ye is not good. She becomes harsh sometimes with him.

When the story proceeds, the queen starts protecting her husband. She trusts him but remains cold with him still. Few events force Isabella to alter her personality and become cruel and harsh. She sometimes feels proud of being a queen to the demon tribe.

The personalities of Isabella become combine. She starts taking interest in Xiang Ye. The queen has a fear that she will lose her followers who are loyal to her. Bathing was her hobby in the story. The queen is a young beautiful lady. She is much attractive having long white hair.

Her eyes are red. She had a long tail and horns of purple color with pointed ears when she was living with the demon tribe. The queen lacks the demonic characteristics of being a human being. But still, the queen is attractive enough to attract the various young men.

When Isabella meets Xiang first time, she felt disappointed because he doesn’t have any power. She wanted an escape from the Tools Angus. The queen was habitual of living with the demon tribe. She felt irritated about living with the Human Tribe.

Xiang tried to protect the queen from danger. She pushes her way but decides that she will trust her husband. He promised to protect her and stay with her. The queen protects her husband. She is much caring and faithful behind her cold behavior.

The queen becomes happy when her husband achieves his goals and she becomes jealous slightly when people give attention to her husband. The personality of Yi Bei alters towards a demonic version when she becomes injured during a flight with Balian.

The queen starts commanding her husband and calls Xiang her servant. With the passage of time, she becomes attracted to him and accepts him as her husband. There are many chapters in the story. Queen completes some missions with her husband in the story.

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