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Why The “Old Man Yells At Cloud” Is So Viral?

old man yells at cloud

Several memes and quotations go viral on social media just like “Old Man Yells At Cloud”. Some become much famous and people start reposting these memes and quotations. You may have seen many reaction images on such quotations and memes.

If you also use social media frequently then you may have reposted any image of meme or quotations as a reaction image. Old Man Yells At Cloud is one of them. It is an exploitable image of a headline that was a gag. It was featured in 2002 in an episode of The Simpsons.

Abe Simpson’s clip of a newspaper that was about Old Man Yells at Cloud got many reaction images. Originally, the headline of the newspaper was introduced to people as a sight gag. The scene was taken from “The Old Man and the Key”. 

It’s the clip of the American animated sitcom season 13. The clip was taken from episode 13. Simpsons was actually aired on 10 March 200. Abe was the father of Homer Simpson who is the protagonist character. He visited the Department of Motor Vehicles in the scene.

Abe visited the department to receive the license of his driver and for the convenience of his co-in-law named Patty Bouvier. He used his one photograph that was featured in any local newspaper as an official license photograph. He got the newly issued license of his driver.

After getting the license, he walked over toward a window and yells loudly that “who’s laughing now?”. He yells while looking at a cloud. He was holding a card that was of the license of the driver or any other thing on the scene.

You can trace the first image of Abe as a humorous commentary that he was doing on a cloud. A mobile tech blogger named Joey deVilla posted it on 30 September 2008. A user Shawn Handyside posted a photograph that was related to parody.

He posted it on 11 November 2008. You can clearly see the fantasy of Abe with a cloud in this photograph. The photograph got 401 votes. It got a score of 4.64 out of 5. In this way, the clip started getting popular. Several other users have also reposted it as a reaction image.

Badonk who is the user of deviantART has posted the photograph that was related to the Old Man Yells at Cloud on the same day. The image contains Abe’s character and Cloud Strife. He was looking at the Cloud in the image. 

Another user of deviantART named Marios123 posted a photoshopped image on 7 December 2009. The image was featuring a Lakitu’s Cloud and Abe Simpson. And after this, the users started posting the image after edition on several social media platforms.

Abe’s character got popular on Facebook too. A Facebook page was created with the title of “Old Man Yells at Cloud”.The page launched on 8 January 2011. The page aimed to curate different photoshopped parodies. These parodies were associated with the original image.

The Facebook page got more than 3,800 likes in November 2015. Amaya-Zorifuki is the user of deviantART. The user posted a porter rendition of the image that was demotivational on 31 March 2011. The caption of the image was “to be fair, the cloud started it”.

A Tumblr user named JazzFuneral posted a compilation of the original clip on 11 April 2011. A FARK user furious george posted a photoshopped parody on 31 August 2012. In this parody. 

The image of Clinton Eastwood was used in replacement of Abe Simpson’s image in the parody. The number of reaction images appeared on Reddit and deviantART. The post becomes viral because it started getting more likes and views.

There are many people who have used the clip as a meme. Many users have created funny versions of the clip. Some have replaced the image of the character Abe. They put more funny images in the clip instead of using the image of Abe.

A number of people started making pages and accounts with the same title and started posting reaction images and other fun stuff. They got the attention and followers using the title of the meme. You can see the video clip on several social media platforms.

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