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Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes

play stupid games win stupid prizes

You may hear the phrase “Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes”. It is used when people do something unethical or illegal while knowing every bad perspective of it.

Obviously, everyone gets penalties and bears consequences when they do anything unethical or illegal. You can apply the sentence in different ways. Humans make mistakes somehow in different stages of life. Even you may have experienced a condition in which you tried to make any mistake.

Sometimes suddenly wrongdoings backfire. Doing illegal things can cut the corners. People may get serious consequences from it. Whenever people do something illegal to solve a problem then they may slew into different issues again.

Once you become an expert in playing a fool game to everyone or if you are playing it for the first time, it becomes easier for you to do it again next time. Individuals who play this food game ignore the negative consequences a second time even if they faced such bad results the first time.

A poor justification of illegal acts is that if others are doing it then why can’t I? It’s better to not play such stupid games instead of developing negative reasons and arguments.

Examples Of The Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes

An individual shared his personal story about it. The person was in school and he used to surf the internet excessively. He searched to download some tools. If you are trying to use the tools then you have to pay charges for it. 

If you are a child and facing issues related to the income you may do it for earning. It’s the same thing he did. He downloads these tools at that time on a PC that would freeze usually. He downloaded photoshop software one day that was original.

The software was a cracked version having a keygen tool. He became so happy after installing it but he could not open the files. He tried again and this time he got a weird script. The individual tried hard to figure out the matter for a few days.

He reinstalled the Windows XP after seven days of research. The person solved the issue himself. His complete data was gone including the tools, software, videos, and other files. You can say that nothing remained on his PC.

A deadly virus of computer attached the whole system because he mistakenly downloaded software that was cracked. The was hidden in the software. Have you got the meaning of the phrase? 

If the person had bought a real copy of the software then he would not face issues of the virus. Now, we can say that he played a stupid game and won a stupid reward. Let’s take another example of the phrase to make it more clear for you.

You may have heard about the stories of robbing. An individual shared his story about how he was suddenly robbed. He was going back home and a person waved him down on a national highway. A hitchhiker told him that a thief stole the vehicle he was using for travel.

He guided the man to go to the police station and file a report of robbing. It seems fair. The person gave that man a life. They discussed the general life on the way. The car driver sympathized with the person before reaching to next station. After that, he stepped out of the vehicle.

The person who was driving the vehicle came back home to had lunch. He realized that he did not have his wallet. The person who took life pickpocketed him on the way. He then stopped giving lifts and sympathized with people on a highway of the desert.

It’s all because people play stupid games to get stupid rewards. The victim is innocent in these examples and trying to help the people who told their issues. But when you get one bad experience then you try to avoid it for the next time. Prizes are much stupid just like a hell.

Do you know about the history of the phrase “Play stupid games and get stupid rewards”? The Google Ingram provides information about the search tools that are online and the popularity or frequency of any phrase. 

You will not find the proper information about the full phrase. The chart shows that phrase was entered around since 1894.  

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