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What Does This Term Mean “That Wasn’t Very Cash Money Of You”?

That Wasn't Very Cash Money Of You

Let’s just begin with the term “That Wasnt very cash money of you”. It is a catchphrase that has been used in terms of cool. It is associated with a character named Sayaka Miki. 

The character was wearing glasses in the scene. There are some other characters in the scene. They repeat this phrase. It shows the meaning of the phrase as cool.

The phrase becomes associated with certain images of characters that were present in the scene. The characters wearing glasses usually. A Tumblr user posted the phrase as a caption under the image of the sunglasses on a page on 26 January 2014.

The phrase becomes famous. You can say that people reposted the phrase several times and made it viral. The post on Tumblr got 106,000 above notes in the time duration of four years. It may possible that the user has posted the edited version of the same picture.

The image of Sayaka was posted. She was not wearing glasses in the image. The earliest version of the scene from the phrase was posted on Allspark forums on 13 March 2014. You can see the image on different platforms with edited versions.

Many people started reposting the image and edited the captions. They have used the phrase “That wasn’t very cash money of you” in the images as well as the caption. The image was also replicated in different posts with some other characters after the spread.

For example, DeviantArt got a drawing related to the image on 21 August 2015. Another image was posted on Twitter. The image had the character of Anna taken from Fire Emblem. You may have seen the “That wasn’t very cash money” phrase on many images.

The phrase is printed on those images. Poppy posted the phrase on Twitter too on 2 November 2012. You can say that it was the origin of the famous saying. The character of Sayaka Miki that was taken from Japanese anime television become more famous.

A meme was posted in September 2018. There was a fictional character in the meme named Godzilla. It was represented as the monster. The caption of this post was the same phrase  “That wasn’t very cash money of you”. You may find the image still after scrolling the internet.

The image is present on the different platforms of social media such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many more. Search the phrase on Google or another search engine. You will find many relatable posts and edited versions of the image.

Many people search the previous versions of the meme to recreate the latest versions. You can also post the image on your social media account after editing it. 

Some have changed the caption in a funny way while others have replaced the original character in the image with other characters. The meaning of the phrase and image become changed after changing the caption and replacing the original image.

Money is not in the form of checks or money orders. It is used as cash in this phrase. The money word use for any kind of paper currency. You may have heard some slang terms regarding money.

Cash money got popular in the late 1800s and the start of the 1900s. People started using the word cash for money in the start. The objects explained the exact meaning. The word Cash was taken from an old French case.

It used in English around the 1500s for the first time. The term of cash money become famous.  Rap group Cash Money millionaires used this term. Let’s take an example of the term. A man got the job and he is worried about the method of payment.

He asked an employee that did she got her first paycheck? The employee said that she got her payment but it was not a paycheck. Then he asked her about the direct deposit. She replied that she got paid by the cash money.

The man said that it seems weird if one gets tips. The employee replied to him that it’s not weird. Maybe they are trying to avoid tax fraud. I hope you have understood the meaning of the term.

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