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What’s The Most Interesting Fact About “The Future Is Now Old Man”?

the future is now old man

Some of you might be curious about what’s so interesting in “The Future Is Now Old Man”?. You may have seen many viral memes, quotations, and reaction images on social media. There are hundreds of memes and reaction images that get popular quickly.

It becomes a fun activity for people to read a post regarding the reaction image of the meme and reposting it with editing. In this way, a specific post or meme becomes viral. The Future Is Now, Old Man is one of them.

It is a reaction image that was taken from ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ which is an American sitcom. A specific character named Dewey says the viral line in the scene. People still use it on Reddit as a reaction image and they explain the futuristic scenarios in the caption.

The meme originated from the episode of Malcolm in the Middle. The episode named “Lois’ Makeover” became famous due to this clip. This episode was aired on 27 January 2002. Dewey was playing basketball with his brothers.

He says the lines on the shoulders of his brothers during the game. A user posted the image related to this line on 10 December 2016. The user has posted it on 9GAG. The caption was about Indestructible Nokia 3310. The image got more than 160 points.

The image got 230 points when it appeared on 25 February 2017 on /r/MemeEconomy. If your grandpa throws the mobile of Nokia then he knocks you out but when you throw the mobile of a Galaxy Note 7 and it escalates then The future is now, old man.

Facial expressions are worth noticing when your grandpa shows you a porno mag collection of 1984 and you don’t pay attention to it. Meanwhile, you start showing your iPhone with 600 GB that contains pokemon pornThe future is now, old man. 

The image becomes a famous meme on different social media platforms such as Reddit. The meme was a famous template for two years. You can observe the appearance of memes in several subreddits. A lot of people have edited and reposted this meme.

Many people have edited it to fit in various subcultures. For example, a post gained more than 430 points on 16 January 2018 on /r/forhonor. A Twitter user TheYearIs20B created a joke about Lucina. He created it in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

The post got more than 590 retweets. You can see the 2,700 likes of people on the tweet. When the Centurion for which you are fighting gets hit with a sudden cutscene attack and then it dies immediately The future is now, old man. 

When you get more high ranking then you expect the character of an echo fighter then The future is now, old man. The meme was used at several places as a prediction of the future. People used the captions related to the upcoming changes in the image of the meme.

Some people have uploaded serious posts about the future and the present time. They have used the image of the meme but the caption was related to serious future changes. They have discussed the specific topics that were discussed in the caption in threads.

King Jame has shown the bible code comets version in English. It’s about the astrology of the years 2019 and 2020. You can read the future prophecies of different world events in this version. A newspaper has posted about future changes.

This newspaper got a 1219 response. Current situations and the changes that will occur in the future according to the present situation is a hot topic nowadays. Many people are discussing it and some are giving predictions about it.

There are many stories related to the present situation going on and what is going to happen in the future. Some people believe in the predictions while others don’t. They believe that prediction is only a probability that may or may not happen.

Keep checking different newspapers and blog sites to get daily updates about the current situation and predictions about the upcoming future. Several blogs are gaining popularity because of discussion on the post related to past, present, and future.

You will see several memes and reaction images related to future posts and predictions. It’s difficult to believe in one prediction as it is the digital era.

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