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List of Tom Hardy Movies and Tv shows

Tom Hardy Movies and Tv shows

If you are curious like many others that which are tom hardy movies and tv shows then you are in the right place, my friend. Tom Hardy, entirely Edward Thomas Hardy, (born September 15, 1977, in London, England), a British actor is known for his striking attractiveness, idiosyncratic personality, and cerebral performances in both cult films and blockbusters.

Childhood and early adulthood Hardy gave little indication that someday would become a star of cinema. He was expelled from school, arrested for riding a bicycle while in possession of a weapon, and became addicted to drugs and alcohol while still a teenager. In 1998 she won a televised modeling contest, which led to her signing a contract with the industry. 

List of Tom Hardy Movies and Tv shows

He began his acting studies at the Drama Center London but was again expelled. He began to intervene in television products in 2001, achieving popular resonance with his participation in the series “Hermanos De Sangre” (2001). However, in 2001 he landed small roles in the television miniseries Band of Brothers and in the movie Black Hawk Down. However, Hardy’s career didn’t really take off until after he entered a drug rehab program in 2003 following a crack-induced collapse on a London street.

After performing in a number of hit movies tom hardy then appeared in many television plays as well, notably Oliver Twist (2007; as Bill Sikes) and Wuthering Heights (2009; as Heathcliff ). His first major role in a movie was in RocknRolla (2008), in which he played Handsome Bob, a gay gangster, but his breakthrough came that same year with his next film, Bronson, a fictional biography of Charles Bronson, a man known as Britain’s most notorious and violent prisoner. 

Hardy’s tour de force performance, which featured him frequently stripping both literally and emotionally, was widely praised and led to his return to Hollywood with scene-stealing roles in the movies. Inception (2010) and tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011). After his appearance in the well-received mixed martial arts drama. Warrior (2011) and the failure of the romantic comedy This Means War (2012), Hardy met with his director of Inception, Christopher Nolan, to play Bane, the muscular anarchist who takes on Batman in the blockbuster comic book. The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

Following the biggest box office success of his career to date, Hardy made a typical move (for him) back to the art house, playing the title character in Locke (2013), a film that takes place almost entirely in a car, with Hardy as the only character to appear on-screen throughout the entire film. In 2015 he starred in George Miller’s sMad Max: Fury Road as Max Rockatansky, a role that Mel Gibson made famous in the 1980s. Hardy put his own stamp on the character and helped revive the film to great commercial and critical success. 

For his performance, Hardy earned his first Oscar nomination for best supporting actor. In his next movie, Dunkirk (2017), portrayed a British fighter pilot involved in the evacuation of Allied troops from France during World War II. The highly praised drama was directed by Nolan. Hardy then returned to comic book movies with venom (2018), in which he took on the title role of Eddie Brock and his titular alter ego. In 2020 he played the main character in Capone, a biographical film that focuses on the last years of the mobster.

During this time, Hardy continued to appear occasionally on television. He had a recurring role in Peaky Blinders, a series about British gangsters in the early 20th century. With his father, Chips Hardy and Steven Knight, he created the miniseries. Taboo (2017–). The period drama starred Hardy as an adventurer who is believed to have died but instead returns home to seek revenge against various enemies. These are some of the best Tom Hardy Movies and TV Shows. If you found it interesting then do let us know by your positive feedback.

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