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What’s Interesting About What Can I Say Except Delete This Song?

What Can I Say Except Delete This

Have you heard about ‘What can I say except delete this song’? You may know about it if you listen to songs frequently. Many people have generated memes on this song.

The song got sixty-five thousand views on Youtube on a funny meme channel. The same song got seventy-seven thousand views on another YouTube channel. The song starts with the lyrics of ‘hold on, hold on’. The singer laughs and says I see what’s going on or happening here. 

He says ‘a face to face with extreme curiosity. The music like a band still proceeds behind the song. After this, the singer then sings the lyrics that he doesn’t even know about his feelings. He was revealing that he did not know his feelings.

Moreover, the singer said that it’s horrible to don’t know about your feelings. It’s an ecstasy that people don’t change. The sentence reveals the fact that people do change with the change of time and situations they face in their lives.

The next line advises you to open your eyes if you have committed a sin or not. In the next line, the singer says what he can say except delete the song. The music gets faster and he repeats the line that what can he say except choosing an option of deleting the song.

After this, he says that friends it’s not something okay. He keeps singing the different lines, deleting this and what can I say except deleting the song. Some people think that the song is about just talking nonsense. The singer sings that we are only the derpy, he repeats the lines.

Then after almost every line, he says to delete this. He then asks in the next lyrics what’s the lesson. Moreover, he asks what the takeaway is. The singer then asks what’s the funny thing. He again repeats the lyrics and deletes this.

The singer sings again that it will be absolutely okay if you delete the just. The music continues behind the song. He says that it’s your day so it’s up to you to delete the song. Moreover, the singer again sings in the next lines that you have a choice to delete this.

He sings that you are now going away so you can delete this. The lyrics reveal the line or delete this at the end. At the end of the final music, the singer says thank you and deletes this. Here the song ends and the music stops.

There are some people who consider it just a good song for the memes. Many people reposted it for the purpose of making it a funny reaction and meme. Some have uploaded posts related to the song in the context of memes while others think that it does have a meaning as such.

Others considered it nonsense to talk about. The song is related more to a funny context. People have posted comments about the song. A comment explains that the rap of the song was much longer. Different comments have just shown the line to delete this.

The music has also matched the taste of some people. They have enjoyed the lyrics and music of the song. A person in the comment said that he got a hundred ideas to justify the song in the context of memes. He said he can explain the song in a storytime too.

There are some people who have commented just lol. Another one said that he will create a better version of this song when he will get more than a hundred followers. The person said that he can sing it in a better way.

People reacted to this comment that it is interesting to create a better version of this song. Some have taken it as a bet. People said they are going to follow a man so he can reach a hundred followers to create a good version of what I can say except to delete it.

He said he will create a new song completely and will fix the lyrics. In this way, the lyrics will become better and replaced easily. As a result, the lyrics will seem less offensive to people.

Some people said they liked the song while the reaction of others was bad too. Comments of people are different according to their choice.

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