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How You Can Do It GIF? What Are The Best Tools For It?

you can do it gif

Do people usually ask for How you can Do it Gif? GIFs become a famous way to express feelings. Time does not matter.  People use these exciting ways to share their feelings with friends, family members, or loved ones. GIFs are used as a good comeback reply.

They are a muted footage’s short piece having a punch line of written text. It is a great option that lies between a photo and video. You can easily download a GIF because it takes less time to load as compared to a video. GIFs are much more expressive than videos.

Many people love to make their own custom GIF. You can say that GFs are a great way to express your feelings. We see GIFs everywhere now. People use some GIFs at Buffer in the Tweets related to customer services, Slack channel, and emails.

GIFs are also used widely in team announcements and marketing emails. If there is a message anywhere then also it’s a chance to have a GIF there. Use GIFs if you want your Twitter to be more engaged. The popular transactional emails that people send to customers also feature a GIF.

Do you want to create a GIF yourself? And know where to share GIFs? If you don’t know about it then keep reading this article. It’s very easy to create a GIF for yourself and share it. Following are the best tools that you can use for free to create the best GIFs.

Ways on How You Can Do It GIF?

Filmora Meme Maker

Wondershare Filmora is software that helps you to create GIFs as well as videos. This software is prevalent. The stand-out feature of meme makers is that you can easily make GIF memes, images,s and videos from it. Moreover, you can quickly download them even without any watermark.

Import all the videos and images that you have to use to create a GIF. Options are available to alter the fonts, text size, and color. You can also now adjust the caption location easily. 

It’s up to you if you want to keep the text outside or inside the GIF. Select the format to download GIF. Visit the website and read comprehensive guidelines about making a GIF.

The tool provides you many options to create GIFs. The options include creating a GIF from videos, images, YouTube, Webcam, and Facebook. The tool has several options for you so it’s easy to unleash the creativity you like. Pick up the visual of your choice and alter it into GIF.

The tool also has an extensive collection of several GIFS. You can also use or edit these given GIFs. There are GIFs present in the tool related to food, fashion, animals, science, nature, sports, and much more. You also have a choice to create your GIF.

Upload the GIF on the website if you want other people to use your GIF. Create the GIF according to the category of your interest.

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Picasion helps you to import videos and pictures from the platforms like Flickr, Picasa, and other galleries. You can use the four languages in the tool that are Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Russian. This is a stand-out feature of this tool.

Adjust the image size using Picasion and create funny animations or avatars using this tool. You can post your creations on MySpace, Tumblr, Hi5, Orkut and Facebook, etc. There is no need for Flash now. Use the following steps to create a GIF with the help of Picasion.

  • Open the website on Picasion in your browser. 
  • Upload the video or picture which you want to use to make your own GIF.
  • After this, set the order, speed, and size.
  • Hit the button of creating.

Are you done with these steps? That’s it. Now Picasion will make your GIF.

GIF Maker (

It is a highly recommended tool to create banners, animated buttons, and GIFs. GIF maker has a wizard tool that helps you to make animations in an easy and quick way. It supports different graphic formats that are eye-catching like AVI, PNG, JPEG, PSD, TIFF, BMP, PNG, and WMF.

It is composed of a complete set of editing tools with a built-in editor of image. New users require some time to understand the creation of GIF using this software. It will provide you wonderful results in the end. The interface of the tool is intuitive and straightforward.


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