How to Change your Twitter Profile Picture?

In this world of socializing, almost every one of us has an account on almost every socializing app. This could be more for those socializing apps which are amongst the most popular. It’s quite annoying for you sometimes when you have a socializing account and you are unable to change your profile picture. In this article, we will tell you how to change your twitter profile picture.

how to change twitter profile picture

There could be any reason why you haven’t your profile picture on twitter till yet, or you want to change your twitter profile picture. You would probably be thinking to change your Twitter profile picture to a more recent one. This entire process for you to change your twitter profile picture won’t take much of your effort. In case you are worried about how you are going to do all this process, we will provide you the easy method to do so.

If you are having a twitter account without your profile picture on it, then it would be difficult for someone who wants to follow you on twitter. So, get started with how to upload your twitter profile picture. You should have your picture present in soft copy on the device from where you want to choose twitter profile picture.

Steps to Change your Twitter Profile Picture

The following steps will help you to proceed in a stepwise manner. your twitter profile picture is considered obvious when you are a regular tweeter. Without any further due let’s continue with the steps.

Steps to Change your Twitter Profile Picture

  • In the first step, you should login to your twitter account using the internet connection.
  • When you reach there, you should click on the Edit Profile Picture option which you would see when you bring the mouse pointer to your twitter profile picture.
  • Now when you would move your cursor on to the profile picture it would turn in grey color when you would see the option named as Change Profile Picture. Click on that.
  • Now by clicking on that, you would able to change your twitter profile picture. But before that, you will see a drop-down menu appearing.
  • In this drop-down menu, you will be provided with various option which includes Upload picture (allows you to select the picture which has saved on your computer) Take Photo (gain access from your webcam to take your photo) Delete (you could delete your currently uploaded picture) Cancel (in case you want to cancel this process).
  • When you are done with this process, then you have to click on the save changes button to proceed which would be present in the right corner of your windows.

Change Twitter Profile Picture from Portable device

In case you are trying to change profile picture of your Twitter account using a portable device, it is also quite simple. You should follow some effortless steps which are given below.

Change Twitter Profile Picture from Portable device

  • Firstly, must log in to your twitter account and then move to your account profile.
  • Then hit click on your already selected picture, now click on Edit.
  • After that, you have to pick one from these Take photo, choose from existing picture, & then you must select the option which best suits your requirement.
  • You could either choose your picture from the saved ones on your smartphone or take from the camera.
  • Finally, you should save the changes you have made and that’s all you are done with the entire process.

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