How To Unlock A Car When The Keys Are Locked In?

Life is unpredictable. You get up late in the morning and in a hurry, you accidentally leave your keys inside the locked car and get out of your car to take an important file or in another case you are out for shopping and when you come back to the car parking area you find no keys in your pocket because you have dropped them somewhere. In any of the cases, it is great to have a handful of tips prior to when your keys get lost and your car is locked.

Tips To Unlock A Car When The Keys Are Locked In

Shoelace Or String

If you have a pull-up lock, there are various things that you can use to open the locked doors of your car. The first thing that I am mentioning is something that one always have in their house but cannot think of it to be of any use in opening a locked car door that’s a shoelace! Yes, it may sound like an impossible thing but you can do it. A shoelace that is at least 3 feet or you can use any rope or string as well. The thing you have to do with this shoelace is to tie a knot and once it is done try to put this shoelace or string inside your car through wiggling the string until the string gets squeezed inside of the car door. Grab the lock with this loop and tighten the loop around it, pull it upwards to open the lock. This method seems very easy, but you need some practice before you can actually pull the lock.

Wire Hanger

The next thing you can use that is readily available in almost household is a wire hanger that is used to hang coats. All you got to do is to untwist the hanger and bend the hanger into the hook shape make a hook at the end. Try to get this hanger inside the car through sliding it between the wind and rubber. Move the hanger and reach the lock of the door and open it. Yes! that’s so simple, right?

Windshield Wiper

You can also use windshield wiper to unlock the door when any window is slightly open enough for the wiper to get in. Every car has a windshield and it can be removed easily. Once it is removed, slide the wiper through the slight opening and tuck the lock open.

Inflatable Wedge

You can use an inflatable wedge to make some space for any tool to be inserted. Slide the wedge in the top corner of the door and when enough space is made, insert any tool that can easily reach the lock and open it. You can use a hanger or any metal rod or even a windshield wiper.


Automotive lockpicks are used by most of the locksmiths to open a car door. These lock picks are easily available for domestic or foreign car models. To apply the twisting force to the inner cylinder of a lock this tool is used to unlock the car door.

Tennis Ball

A tennis ball can also do magic to unlock a door.Use a regular tennis ball and make a hole in the ball by a screwdriver or by using a hotkey. Place this ball in the lock in a way that the hole is facing the outside lock of the door. Keep it there and press it hard. The magic is due to the creation of air pressure by placing the ball that forces the mechanism of the lock to unlock the door.

Spare Keys

If you don’t want to be engaged in these tricks, there is a significant tip for you. Keep a spare key at your home in a safe place. It will save the money that can be wasted on a locksmith and also your time and efforts that these tricks might take. You can easily use this spare key in case you leave the keys inside a locked car.

Police Assistance

People have used police to assist them in unlocking the door. However, it is not their duty to the profession and they don’t have any professional tools to unlock the door as well. Mostly, police nowadays only help to unlock the door when it is something urgent or the passenger and driver is in physical danger.

You can unlock your door by breaking side window of your car. It does not sound so cool but it can help you in case you cannot find any locksmith and fail to try any trick. You need to use a sharp tool to break the glass. You can use the screwdriver or the sharp side of a hammer.

Always hit the window on the corners because the corners of the window are weak while the centre of the window is strong and it is difficult to break it. Once the window is broken you can easily unlock the door.

Calling A Locksmith

You can always call a locksmith or go to a locksmith and take him with you to your car. These are the local experts that are easily available in every area that can help you to unlock the door with some amount of money.

Roadside Assistance

In most of the countries, there is roadside assistance to help you. You can get a card from them with a phone number and call them whenever needed. They can unlock your car without damaging it. AAA, Allstate Motor Club, AARP, and Paragon Motor Club are some popular companies.

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