How To Use A Gas Oven?

Whether it is your daily home cooking or may it be the professional baking, Gas Ovens are being used quite frequently, these days, especially in the areas where Natural Gas is readily available for home use. Cooking and baking is quite easy and time-saving when using the gas ovens, due to the fact that mostly these are user-friendly. Required temperature is very easily attained in such ovens, thus preparing your food items quickly and effectively.

How To Use A Gas Oven

Amongst so many plus points, these ovens have some negative points as well. Due to inconsistent gas supply, you may not be sure about how your oven will behave, resulting in inconsistency in quality and standard of your cooked or baked items. But if you are a good cook and know how to use the gas oven, this is not a big issue. Here we will guide you How to Use a Gas Oven.

Unpacking And Placement In Kitchen

Once the Gas Oven is in your home, you need to follow some useful guidelines before you start using this appliance.

  • Select a place for installation of this oven, which should be away from direct sunlight or water taps.
  • The oven should be placed in an area which has ample ventilation.
  • It should not be placed in a very tight atmosphere, some space must be available on all sides of the oven, especially on the back side for proper exhaust.
  • Gas supply connection should be near to its place so that there should be minimum of loose pipes.
placement of gas oven
  • Some gas oven also need an electric supply for various functions, so make sure that power socket should also be available near to it.
  • Make sure that the oven must be installed in a balanced status and should not be inclined on any side.
  • All gas pipes and joints need to be properly sealed to avoid gas leakage.

Start Using The Oven

Once you have placed your oven properly in the desired area of your kitchen, it is now time to ignite it, for which you need to follow the guidelines given hereinbelow.

  • Ignite the Pilot – Pilot is provided in all gas ovens, mostly at the lower side of the oven and in the center. To locate the pilot, open the door and see inside of your oven. You will find a small nozzle in the center. By switching on the pilot button, gas supply comes to this nozzle.  Once the gas passes through this nozzle, ignite it by using a match or lighter.
igniting the oven
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Note: In some ovens, pilot is automatically ignited by just switching on the pilot button. Once the pilot is ignited, the oven is ready to be used, through various buttons and controls as per your requirement.

  • Temperature – Mostly the temperature control button is also provided on the operations panel of the oven. You need to select the desired level of temperature depending on the type of cooking or baking. Gas ovens attain the required temperatures very quickly, far quicker than the electric ovens. It also gets cooled down quickly as compared with the Electrical Oven, so you need to take care of this aspect also while selecting the temperature level.
  • Convection Gas Ovens – Normally the gas ovens do not provide an equal level of cooking all around the cooking area, there may be some points where it gets hotter and at some other points it may be relatively less hot. To overcome this difficulty, you may prefer to use Convection type of Gas Ovens, which work with an internal fan that disperses the heat equation, all around the cooking plate. Due to this evenly spread hot air, the food remains dry and crisper.

Convection Gas Ovens

  • Use of Baking Tray – Normally in gas ovens, you come across a situation where the food item is burnt from the bottom side (due to the impact of direct heat on bottom). This problem can be solved through the use of a baking tray. The casserole dish is also advisable. This will prevent your food from burning on the bottom side.
  • Thermostat – Good quality ovens are provided with an inbuilt thermostat, which turns off the flame once the temperature reaches the desired or preset level. If your oven does not have this facility, you may place the oven thermometer in the center to monitor the temperature level.
  • Placing the food tray – To get effective and quick results, the cooking tray should be placed on the lower shelf, where you can get direct heat. However, some food items don’t need so much heat; here you can use the upper shelf. You will have to decide the place, based on your experience and taste.

Warning! Since the oven uses the natural gas, you need to be very careful to avoid any unpleasant situation. Make sure that there should be no gas leakage around your oven.

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