How To Use A Pumice Stone On Your Underarms?

We’ve all had this stone lying around our bath area until we develop cracked heels and rub this stone on them religiously. And, of course, it works! It sheds the layer of dead skin off in the first few uses. But, did you know you could rub this stone on your underarms as well?

What? How? Haha, yes we know you’re confused and we shall erase all this confusion by going in detail in this TryArticles article. You shall be awestruck! We promise!

Using A Pumice Stone On UnderArms

Every house has these stones because they are not hard to find anymore. There’s one in every shower cabin! This Earth produces so much for man’s benefit. We just need to be a little creative with the way we utilize what nature gives us.

What Is A Pumice Stone?

Rubbing Pumice On Heels

A pumice stone is basically a hardened lava foam. And, since it’s just collective air and bubbles, it’s very light-weight. Its basic use is to rub off dead skin and fix callouses. You use it in the shower or anytime you wet the dried out area like the heels of your feet. The water loosens up the dead skin and it’s easier to slough the unwanted skin off by gently rubbing the pumice stone on the affected area.

Different Colors Of Pumice Stone

Different Pumice Stones

The slight color variation in these natural exfoliants occurs due to their origin and how they were formed. As they are solid lava foam, they could form from any volcano around the Earth. The color describes the presence of micro-cysts combined with ground masses in the pumice.

Mostly pumice stones are formed in the color: light-gray or dark-gray. Anything lighter than this proves the presence of silica in the pumice stone. Also, any reddish streaks you notice are from the presence of sulfur. This shows that where the stone was formed, there were a number of different micro-cysts in the area.

How Does A Pumice Stone Work For Armpits?

Since we’ve clearly understood how a pumice is formed and the properties it contains. It’s time to put it to use other than rubbing the dry skin off of your heels.

The use of pumice stone for armpits will still be during your bath time, as it creates the best canvas to use this stone. Let’s unveil!

Dark Armpits

Dark Underarms

Dark skin is usually caused by dead skin collected in a single place for a really long time. This causes the skin to take on a darker color and rubbing the pumice stone on our dark armpits helps gradually get rid of the grouped dead skin. It helps unveil cleaner, lighter toned skin.This will be a little time-taking and results will eventually show up after several uses. Say bye-bye to dark armpits!


Exfoliating Underarms

Pumice naturally has a scrubby nature, with tiny indents on that help create friction. This friction on the skin helps exfoliate the skin in your underarms revealing softer and smoother armpits. Just like exfoliating our face leads to healthier skin, exfoliation on our armpits also leads to healthier breathable armpits. Yes! You read that right, the sweat glands need to breathe too, so exfoliation is a must!

Effects Hair Growth

Hair Growth In Underarms

Sick of waxing and shaving your armpit hair? Try rubbing a pumice stone to weaken the hair follicle and gradually get rid of them for good! This does not at all by any means give you an instant result of hair-free armpits in the first use of waxing and shaving. You will require a ton of patience. But, it’s worth it if you don’t have to wax or shave that often. Bonus? It’s pain-free!

Post Pumice Stone Usage

Moisturise Armpits

It’s imp to hydrate the area where the friction and exfoliation were caused. The area where you rubbed the pumice stone will go slightly red but there is nothing to worry about as that is a natural result of friction and heat.

Just make sure once you hop out of the shower, you moisturize your armpits using a very light lotion. The hydration needs to be kept light since its armpits, in the end! They tend to sweat and anything heavy will add more to it.

Caution For Use

Pumice Stones

We’re sure you’re all pumped up to use a pumice stone on your armpits this instant. But, before you head on, be wary that rubbing the stone too hard and using unnecessary pressure can cause a rash. The skin on our armpits is delicate and needs less pressure and rubbing as we would do on the callouses and dry skin elsewhere.

Make sure to sit and do this rather than standing. If the pumice stone falls on your feet while you are rubbing the stone on your armpit, it might hurt. It’s best to be in a sitting position, where you can do this hygiene activity safely.

We hope this article benefited you and you learned something new today. Let us know how using a pumice stone on your armpits goes for you. We would love to hear back in the comments below.

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