What Are The Safest Places To Travel To For Western Tourists?

This article “What Are The Safest Places To Travel To For Western Tourists?”, is about travelling to the safest places. Travelling is one of the most adventurous and thrilling activity, it refreshes the brain and as well as you can explore different places and things. Travelling allows you to learn about new cultures, get new experiences, face different situations and interaction with almost every type of people.


Millions of flights take off every day and you can get to your dream place in no time. But the major concern while travelling to new places is your safety. While picking the next spot where you want to go to spend your vacations, you don’t want to worry about your safety by selecting a country with low-risk threats. In this article, you will get to know about the safest places to travel to for western tourists.

List Of Safest Places

Listed below are the safest places one would love to explore and visit.


Iceland recently has become the highly desired country to travel to. Iceland is a Nordic island country of Europe. It is a very beautiful country with some tremendous views and sightseeing. People who love nature and who love waterfalls, this place is definitely perfect for them as despite its cold temperature people travel to Iceland to see the northern lights, the amazing waterfalls, wild fauna and as well as the super amazing natural thermal pools.

source: http://tripconnoisseurs.com

Iceland has an extremely low crime rate and is very good in providing the medical facilities. You are advised to keep warm clothes with you due to its extreme weather conditions. Iceland has attracted many nature-loving and fun loving people to get close to the natural beauty.

Try to explore Iceland with their professionals and make sure when you plan a trip, do book your hotels on time.


Switzerland is one of the most famous and popular countries. It is also known as the neutral country as it avoided all the conflicts. It is located in the center of Europe having borders with France, Italy, Germany, and Austria. Similar to the island we’ve talked about above, Switzerland is famous for its landscape beauty and the lush greenery throughout.

source: www.madeinuvet.com

Switzerland holds some of the world’s best ski resorts and it is also famous for its dairy products with which they make cheese, yogurt, and the famous fondue. It is also a risk-free country having minimum threats. Some amazing must-visit places in Switzerland are listed below.

  • Mount Titlis.
  • Swiss Alpes Benina.
  • Chamonix and Montblanc.
  • Matterhorn Glacier.

These are some amazing places in Switzerland which are the major attractions for the tourists. Switzerland is basically a multicultural nest, having all the people of different flavors from around the globe.

Costa Rica

As there are many places in the world to visit, which are famous for different attractions like some have beautiful mountains, some have waterfalls etc. Costa Rica is famous for the beaches. If you are fed up with your work and you need to take a break & want to sit in a place with no worries then Costa Rica is the best place to visit, to sit on a beach for several hours and enjoying life at its best.

Costa Rica
source: peregrinetraveladelaide.com

The Caribbean island is a perfect place to go with family or friends. It has been developed very amazingly over the years and its government has placed a very strong emphasis on ensuring the security for its citizens. It is again a country with low risks. You can take a trip to its rain forests as well as wild flora and at the same time, you can spend time at San Joes listening to the old music.

New Zealand

Do you like kiwis? If yes then you’ll definitely like New Zealand as the locals of the place call them kiwis. New Zealand is located in the south-western region of the Pacific Ocean and to some of the people, it is an unexplored paradise. It is an amazing place to take a boat ride or to hike or maybe to enjoy a relaxing getaway.

New Zealand
source: flyingkiwi.com
 It is advised that you should explore the country with their professionals.

It is famous for its low crime rate and a very good place to visit with a very few risk threats. You should definitely not miss visiting such an awe-inspiring place. Some amazing must-visit places in New Zealand are here in the video below.


If you are looking for an urban experience then definitely you should put Japan on top of your list. Japan is a very big technological hub, that still holds on to the traditional and cultural beliefs. In past maybe Japan had some disastrous times but Japan is now a very well stable country.

source: peregrinetraveladelaide.com

The country is also known for low risks. It is almost a crime free country. The people of Japan are very loving and caring and they very warmly welcome all the tourists. The famous game in Japan is ping pong also known as table tennis. They prefer sports over violence which is a very good thing.

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