What Is Histrionic Personality Disorder? – Symptoms

Histrionic personality disorder refers to attention seeking emotional behavior and excessive need for approval. It may begin from early adulthood in people. Seductive behaviors are also included in this disorder. American Psychiatric association categorized this disorder as a personality disorder.What Is Histrionic personality disorder_ Discuss It’s Symptoms

The main cause of this disorder is unknown. However, the scientist believes that both environmental and genetic factors can cause this disorder. HPD is also running in some families. Here at TryArticles, I have discussed the symptoms of HPD in people.

Major Symptoms Of Histrionic Personality Disorder

People with HPD can show highly dramatic and attention-seeking behavior that disrupts their normal life functioning. The psychiatric community diagnosis high rate of HPD in women. According to the US National Library of Medicine’s PubMed Health, no one knows the exact causes of HPD in people.

Males with histrionic personality disorder usually have disturbed relationships with others and impulsive behaviors. They also have antisocial tendencies and identity diffusions.

The males with this disorder are suffering from emotional immaturity. These men are emotional, dramatic and shallow. Symptoms of HPD are following.

Attention Seeking Behaviour

The long-standing pattern of attention seeking is included in histrionic personality disorder. People can suffer from high emotional stages in this disorder. If a person has this disorder then he always wants to become the center of attention in a group.Attention Seeking Behaviour

He may feel uncomfortable without the attention of people. Many attention seekers can have chances of HPD. It is a major symptom of this disorder. The attention seeking behavior can disturb your social life and close relationships with people.

Usually, this type of behavior is recognized in women but males can also do the same behavior. A person with this disorder can do everything in order to attain exclusive attention of people.

Exaggerated Emotions

Exaggerated emotions are the symptom of HPD in people. These emotions have included the burst of anger, crying, accusing, passive-aggressive behaviors and conflicts. The people with exaggerated emotions often react in an emotional and disruptive manner without understanding anything.

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This behavior can cause emotional dysregulation disorder. A person with this disorder may have the inability to control and regulate his emotions and feeling. The people with this disorder can show emotional response towards provocative stimuli.Exaggerated Emotions

It is also called “emotional hyperactivity”. People can react emotionally towards their relationships and they produce conflicts by accusing behavior. Exaggerated emotions can also disturb your close relationships.

Dramatic Behaviour

Dramatic behavior has to include the horrible, tragic and terrible behaviors. The people can behave in an emotional and the exaggerated manner in this type of behavior. They also have unpredictable thinking or behavior. Dramatic people can also show overly dramatic behaviors.Dramatic Behaviour

They do not understand the exact causes of their behavior. These people are mostly avoided due to their emotional and embarrassing behaviors. Aggressive behavior is also included in dramatic behavior that may be a result of depression.

People can show dramatic behaviors for attention. These attention-seeking dramatic behaviors are the symptom of HPD in males and females. They often show exhausting behaviors.

Self-Centered Behaviour

The people with a histrionic personality disorder often show self-centered behaviors. They are only concerned with their own needs and wishes. They are called selfish due to this behavior. These people show dramatic behavior for attention.

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Emotional behavior can prove to be severe because it can mix with other disorders. It can also cause mental illness and abnormal life routine. Following are the signs that can help you to identify the self-centered people.Self-centered Behaviour

  • They always show defensive behaviors.
  • They are always imposing.
  • They don’t see the big picture and cant understand others.
  • They think that they are most superior to others.
  • They feel insecure sometimes.
  • They think that friendship is a tool that can fulfill their wishes.
  • They are extremely opinionated.
  • They do not have long-lasting relationships with people.
  • They do not have empathy for others.
  • They do not value others.

Tendency To Believe The Relationships As More Intimate Or Sexual

People with histrionic personality disorder are often considered their relationships as more close. They do not see the reality and look relationships as more sexual with opposite gender.

They think that people are getting close to them. They can believe in passionate love to fulfill their needs. They can also attract people to satisfy their own need for attention.Tendency To Believe The Relationships As More Intimate Or Sexual

Sensitive To Disapproval Or Criticism

The people with HPD are sensitive to criticism. They get easily hurt from disapproval. They have needed approval and positive attention from others that’s why they want to become the center of attention.

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In this situation, the disapproval and criticism made them sensitive and more emotional. They can show more dramatic behavior to cover up the situation that becomes the reason for their disapproval from people.Sensitive To Disapproval Or Criticism

Inappropriate And Overly Suggestive Behaviour

Inappropriate and overly suggestive behavior is also a symptom of HPD. The people with this disorder show recommendations for others and give extra opinions. They can give you off-colored remarks and degrading jokes.

They show specific actions that associate with HPD. Inappropriate behavior inhibits your personality to grow in a better way. Following behaviors are considered as inappropriate and overly suggestive.Inappropriate And Overly Suggestive Behaviour

  • Angry and aggressive verbal or written communications.
  • The unwanted attention.
  • The written material shows the mental health issues including letters, emails or messages.
  • The statements that show the self-harm and suicidal behavior.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Bullying.
  • Unwanted conversation and contacts.

Use Of Physical Appearance To Draw Attention

The people with a histrionic personality disorder often use their physical appearance to draw attention. They can use the hand’s movement or body language that can attract other people towards them. These people can also use a different type of dress up to attract others.Use Of Physical Appearance To Draw Attention

This behavior can badly damage their social image because people often feel irritated by attention-seeking behaviors. The narcissistic traits and self-loving behaviors are also included in this disorder. The sense of superiority is always presented in the people who suffer from HPD. It is a major symptom of this disorder.

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