What To Wear With A Grey Blazer? – Female

A grey blazer reminds us of a student’s uniform in England! But, why limit our fashion creativity? A grey blazer can look as amazing as a black, white or a nude one!

This Try Articles article helps you pair your grey blazer well with different kinds of outfits. All the fashion details without you looking boring in this subtle, dim color. Let’s get on with some out of the box fashion creativity!

What To Wear With A Grey Blazer

Grey With White

White pairs well with any color well but, it totally compliments the grey color spectrum. A white tank top, with ripped denim skinnies paired with a nice grey blazer, will create a look of true harmony. It’s a display of varying hues, dark and light. Adorning white or silver pumps is all that will be needed to give the entire look a vibe of chic yet sophisticated.

Grey Blazer With White

Grey With Tones Of Grey

Another easy way of pairing your grey blazer is with creating a nice grey palette out of your outfit. Go a few tones lighter than your grey blazer for your trousers and your top. It should create a nice blend of darker to lighter. A nice black bag would look like it was born with this outfit. Long boots would bring the perfect vibe to the hues.

Grey Blazer With Tones Of Grey

Grey With Navy Blue

Navy Blue is a nice strong color that looks absolutely great on almost all skin tones. Pairing a nice navy blue top or a dress with a darker colored grey blazer would help you get ready for a nice evening out! Accessorizing the outfit with silver jewelry would totally bring out both the combinations with true essence. Navy blue heels or even black heels would look great with this pairing. You could even opt for navy blue pants. It’s just about adding the right color variation.

Grey Blazer With Navy Blue

Grey With Red

Entering the contrast zone with this pairing now! Red and grey are total opposites and somehow strike the perfect balance between yes and no. You could possibly wear all different kinds of grey and just bring that pop of red with the handbag or clutch that you carry. The same pop of color can be induced with pants as well and pumps could play this role well too. This pairing is very retro and never fails to make an impression. Keep this option saved for your interviews!

Grey Blazer With Red

Grey With Lime Green

For this one, you must make sure you have that correct shade of lime green and grey for this pairing to be a success! The grey needs to be a medium grey, neither too dark that it looks like charcoal and neither too light that it looks like smoke. The lime needs to have a bit of a neon touch to it. A dull lime green color would not do justice to this lovely pairing.

A nice lime green top with grey trousers (or even white would do), topped with your grey blazer, married with some nice lime green pumps and you are ready to hit the show on the road!

Lime Green With Grey Blazer

Grey With Lavender

Have you ever seen a dried lavender flower? Well, that is the inspiration for this pairing. Anything inspired by nature is bound to make you look like you were naturally born with a taste of legendary fashion sense. Pairing your grey blazer with a nice neon lavender top and trousers is a match made in heaven. Be sure to have that tinge of neon in your lavender as it brings a calming and a happy energy to the outfit.

Grey Blazer With Lavender

If your dress is a lavender you could totally throw on your grey blazer and complete the outfit with some nice lavender pumps.

Extra Tip: Wear a nice pink lip color with the undertone of lavender and feel like a goddess walking on a fashion runway!

Grey With Burgundy

A very fall inspired combination. Dressing up according to the color changes in our environment gives one an edge and makes one look effortlessly put together. The sight of rainy grey skies and the color of burgundy sunsets makes on want to dress up just like this beautiful breathtaking view.

Grey Blazer With Burgundy

Grey With Pastel Pink

A very subtle combination, but yet again, we need to ensure we have the right pastel pink and a very nice pewter grey. Both of these when coupled look very stylish and give off a modern vibe.Wear a pastel pink blouse with white pants. Finalize the look with the grey blazer and white pumps.

Grey Blazer With Pastel Pink

You can accessorize with some rose gold pieces. This choice will reflect the pastel pink and grey combination and take the outfit a notch up! Pick this outfit for a memorable day. It’s very feminine and has just about the right energy of subtle sophistication and style.

We’ve gathered all these looks for you inspired by well-known fashion statements and of course natures color palette. Look around! There are so many beautiful creations to take inspiration from! Next time if you ever feel under the mood, look outside your window, to the trees and the flowers. There is sure to be a great combination to spark an idea for your outfit.

Let us know which one is your favorite pick! We love hearing back from our readers and always willing to interact!

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