What To Do When A Volcano Erupts?

Life is the most precious thing we have in this world. We always have a second chance with almost everything but not with life. So saving lives must be our prime objective. There are numerous threats, our life has on this globe and we can avoid these threats by adopting preventive measures. But it is very difficult in a situation when mother nature hits back. Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, twisters and volcanic eruptions are so common these days.

Thanks to the latest technologies, we have a well-organized early warning system. So we are well informed about upcoming threats to our lives. The technology not only provides us pre-hand information about possible natural disasters but we also get well-planned strategies to coup with these situations. It is therefore very important for all of us to be aware of these preventive measures in such situations.

Volcano Erupting in the Main City

Precautionary Measures

A volcanic eruption is one of the deadliest events we face in our life. People living in areas near a Volcano should always be prepared for any such event. Local authorities do provide necessary information about any possible eruptions. Whenever we get such information, we should get ourselves prepared to face it.

Here are some important steps we can take to save the life and property of our family.

Local Authorities

Follow the instructions of local authorities, especially when they advise evacuation. In such case, make sure that must have a battery-powered radio so that you may remain in touch in case of electricity failure.

Vacate The Area

If authorities instruct to vacate the area, we must follow it. Never insist on staying back. Before leaving your place, you must plan where to go. Take Contact Numbers of the place where you want to go. While evacuating you must carry drinking water, food, battery-powered radio, flashlight and your cell phone.

Taking Care Of Your Home Before Leaving

Before leaving, take care of your home. Turn off all supply lines, such as electricity, water, and gas to avoid any possible damage to your property.

Seal The Doors To Prevent Ashes

In case of the possibility of volcanic ash covering your area, where you live, it is very much important to seal the doors, windows and any other opening in your home with bags to avoid falling of ash inside the home. Do not go out until it is strictly necessary. Protect your eyes with glasses. Protect your mouth with wet cloth or mask.

Drive Slowly

In case you have to drive out for any possible emergency situation or in case of evacuation, always drive slowly to avoid stirring up the ash. Ashes can damage your car engine. If available with the authorities, you must get a risk map, which shows possible paths of flow of lava and debris.

These maps also show minimum flow time of lava. Stay away from bridges when evacuating. Rivers and valleys may be filled up with mud and flash floods. So try keeping yourself away from such places.

Stay Away From Lava

When a volcano erupts you should stay away from the lava, even if it seems to be dry or solid; never walk on it. Do not come close to rivers and canals; these are good conductors of magma. Poisonous gases are yet another threat to our life during volcanic eruptions as volcanoes emit deadly gases.

Volcano Effecting the face of citizens

These gases are so deadly; it can kill in less than a minute. It is therefore imperative that we should stay away from such situation. But if it is not possible to get away from the scene, take help of respirator, mask or piece of damp cloth to mitigate the deadly effect of poisonous gases.

Follow The Given Instructions

Always follow the instructions of authorities. They have complete knowledge of the going on situation. They are experts. So following their instructions may save you and your family from any unpleasant situation. It may make a hell of a difference between life and death.

Saving The Lives

Saving your own life should not be your only aim; saving the life of your family is also your obligation. Saving the life of your immediate neighbors should also be in your mind. Take care of yourself, your family and your neighboring community. Set priorities for this.

Find Nearest Shelter

If you are caught by a volcanic eruption, immediately contact local authorities and find the nearest shelter. Do not stay home, it can be even worse.

Use Technology

Above all, do not be panic, & don’t create panic for others. Be calm and composed but remain vigilant of the situation. Stay in touch with the incoming information from local authorities. Use Radio, TV, and internet for this purpose. Local newspapers can also be helpful for updated information on possible volcanic eruption in your area.

Volcano Erupting
source: www.en.wikipedia.org


  • When your nearby volcano gets active, stay informed about its status, through all possible channels, such as physical contact with local authorities, Radio, TV etc.
  • If advised by the local authorities, get prepared for evacuation and strictly follow the instructions of local authorities.
  • Prepare an emergency plan for your family and community to get prepared for any possible evacuation.
  • Gather important things before leaving your place. These may include food, flashlight, extra battery, radio and cell phone.

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