Why I Am Afraid To Work? – The Most Common Causes

It is said, “A good day is a pay day” for the youth-hood. Alternatively, in youth, a person starts working on a job or a career to earn money. Things you need i.e. paying your bills, having a place to live, and basically do things you want to do are bought by the money. Yes, money is not everything but without money, you can’t do much.

Not just this, when you work, you contribute to make a stronger economy and community also, you are being a productive citizen and a valued community member. Besides, the source of income, work is a mean of professional development, socialization and satisfaction. While working, you learn new things, develop new skills and when you want to get a new job, your experiences will help you a lot.

fear of working

However, work can also cause suffering when the person is positioned from fear to error. Fear in the professional field produces a lot of psychological wars. If you are a victim of this fear then in this article, we will describe the ways to overcome this fear of work, so read the article till the end.

Causes Of Work Fear

There can be several reasons behind the fear of working, the first step you need to take is to understand the situation and realizing the cause. Some of the situations or reasons are described below.

  • Disconnection From Routine

Disconnection From Routine

One of the most frequent causes of being afraid to work is to have a disconnection from the routine in the office. It adds to the pain of a depression. Being disconnected, make the person’s experience fear at the idea of ​​joining the position again because in that he will feel untrained in the skills of the position.

Also, he may thought that as he has also been disconnected from the updates of the office work and it will be difficult for him to go through them.

  • Having A Toxic Boss

Having A Toxic Boss

It is considered that the toxic boss who corrects you constantly in all your actions never congratulates you for your achievements, is one of the causes of fear of working. The self-esteem of the worker is affected when he receives negative messages frequently from his boss and feel insecure. This thing increases the fear of error.

  • Lack Of Knowledge Of The Professional Sector

Lack Of Knowledge Of The Professional Sector

It is not necessary that a person working in a field has a thorough command over it. A person is trained for a job of a specific field but he does not always work in the same field. For this reason, when a worker makes a job in a new sector in which he has no training or experience, the fear comes out of the comfort zone. He is afraid of working there because of lack of training and knowledge.

  • Fear Of Dismissal

Fear Of Dismissal

This is one of the often fears of labors that is present in a context of economic instability. When there are a lot of responsibilities on a person, he faces emotional tension because he feels he can be fired at any time. This is another major reason for fear of working.

  • Negative Experience

Negative Experience

If the person, has experienced negative situations,  in the past, for example, a prolonged period of anxiety in the office, and an error which was a cause of his shame, feels afraid after thinking about them

  • Ergophobia


It is a type of phobia in which people live in a habitual threat. They are afraid of not having experience in everyday situations of the professional routine, for instance, feeling nervous about a work meeting or a conversation with the boss. The worker fears that he does not know how to do all the tasks that correspond to him in his position.

He fears that he will not measure up to the circumstances and in a result will get a negative evaluation from his superior. It is also considered as a type of social anxiety disorder.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Working?

Once you have analyzed the causes of fear of work, below are some ideas to overcome these fears by means of concrete actions:

  • Don’t let the fear paralyze you. Make yourself normal by realizing that these feelings of insecurity are felt by everyone, even the most successful professionals, have faced it at some point. You are not alone, everyone has some fear about the error, they also get nervous about any task.
  • Don’t let yourself ruined by this fear. Seek emotional support at work as it impacts positive influence in overcoming the fear. It is natural that you make bonds of companionship in the workplace. You have a greater connection with some colleagues than with others.

overcome fear of working

  • There are people, who are very supportive in the office. They can be an important pillar to face this fear. If at any time you have any fear about a task, you can ask for help. Think about them in the state of fear.
  • Keep in mind, there are many companies and many different sectors where you can work. In case of fear of an error or dismal remember that at some point, not only you will find a position that you love, but also, a company in which you develop as a happy professional. Sometimes, the fears are so intense that they paralyze you because you see this scenario as immovable.
  • Try to focus that your experience in this company will have a beginning and an end hence; it will control this situation from this perspective. Always be an optimist, do not position yourself in a passive role before your fears.  The fear of work can paralyze you in such a way that your whole life will be revolved around this fear.
  • Make yourself busy in leisure activities, disconnect from office tasks through relaxing activities such as practicing physical exercise at home. Your work is important but your life is much more than that job.

I hope, you liked my article about, “Why I Am Afraid To Work? – The Most Common Causes,” in case you have any query then hit it down in the comments section. For more articles of your interest, you may visit Psychology category at TryArticles.

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