What Do Wild Rabbits Eat?

If you are planning to adobe a rabbit then you are making the right decision because rabbits are one of the most adored and lovable pets in our home, Rabbits pink ears, powerful hind legs and cottontails make them attractive pet for children. If you have adopted wild rabbits or want to buy a wild rabbit for your home then you have to frequently feed them.

But if you do not know what you should feed to wild rabbits then keep reading this article. so that you will have a better understanding of wild rabbits ancient lifestyle and their diet.

Wild rabbits lifestyle

Feeding Wild Rabbits

  • It is interesting to know that half of the worlds wild rabbits population is found in North America. You can found almost fifteen different species of wild rabbits and here in North  America. All rabbits are herbivorous.
  • Wild rabbits eat different foods according to the season but one thinks you must remember that they maintain a plant-based diet.

Rabbits Maintain plant based diet

  • Wild rabbits eat wood-based food in the season of cold such as twigs, pine needles and gnaw tree. Rabbits usually feed on the green plant’s rest of the time such as Clover, leafy weeds, dry and green grasses etc.
  • Wild rabbits can eat any type of vegetables and flowers which are available in the wild areas but they can become picky for food.
  • Wild rabbits can prefer to eat the fresh foliage as compared to stems or dry plants. It is also observed that many wild rabbits climb on the tree trunks to eat the fresh leaves.
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  • The lifespan of wild rabbits are very short for instance the average lifespan of an eastern cottontail is less than one year the reason is that they deal with the diseases, starvation, and predators too.
  • In the home, the primary source of food for the rabbit is the fresh grass and you can feed your wild rabbit any kind of hay except alfalfa. Some types of hay are given below
  • Clover hay
  • Barley hay
  • Bermuda grass
  • Barley straw
  • Prairie hay and ryegrass hay
  • Timothy Hay

We suggest you to keep your wild rabbits away from the food which causes gas or bloat the reason is wild rabbits cannot pass gas which results in stomach discomfort, they can vomit due to the anatomy of their digestive system. Do not feed your rabbit vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli in the beginning.

Wild Rabbits cannot pass gas

  • Rabbits are herbivores and like to eat vegetables, therefore, you should always feed them fresh green vegetables.
  • Whenever you give your rabbit feed make sure that hay is always plentiful.
  • If you have a domestic rabbit then feed them according to the daily recommended amount of food rabbit should eat.
  • 100 gram of vegetables which should be per kilo of the bunnies weight. 2. 30 Gram of feed for per kilo of weight   150 Gram of hay minimum
  • In case your rabbit is not eating its feed then you must increase the number of vegetables and hay, we gave you approximation so you have an idea because different animals have different size and weight, therefore, you can adjust appropriate diet of your rabbit by telling the ideal weight of your bunny to vet.
  • Hay helps to wear down the rabbit’s teeth and it keeps the digestive system of a rabbit in good working condition.

Best Vegetables for rabbits

  • The best vegetables to feed your rabbits are the watercress, beans, chard, chicory, celery, lettuce, endive, borage, rocket, carrot, cucumber and beetroot leaves, clover, cabbage, dandelion.
  • Always give your bunny fresh water and change water bottles of Rabbit with fresh water at least once in a day.

Train Wild Rabbits

  • If you ever pick your pet to stoke it, you must pick it up carefully because rabbits have delicate bones. If you are trying to pick up your rabbits and your rabbits are not in the good mood then try to leave him for some time never force your rabbit.
  • If you’re your pets like to go toilet outside his cage then you should look for it where they like to go outside the cage as rabbits go toilet in the same place they used to.

Avoid chasing your rabbit

  • Always remember you must leave your rabbits outside of its cage for at least half an hour on daily basis for exercise when you want to put them back in the cage guide them to re-enter until the door close and try to put good food in the cage as they love to eat food.
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  • Avoid chasing your rabbit because they can get nervous and may hide from you.
  • Try to pick your rabbit smoothly and gently because if you try to pick them abruptly rabbits will think you are as a predator and can attack you.
  • You must show patience and love while you are training your pet it will help you to build a good relationship between you too.

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