How To Write A Horror Story With A Twist?

Writing stories is an art. To be a successful story writer, one needs to be creative minded. But only being a creative minded person does not make you a perfect story writer. For this, you must learn the art of writing, which includes the selection of topic, selection of characters and most importantly environment or more precisely, the place where your story is going to happen and so on.

How To Write A Horror Story With A Twist

Writing a horror story is even a trickier game that needs some extra skills as well. Here we will guide you through to writing a good horror story.

  • First of all, you need to select your target readers; whether they are kids, grownups or old aged. This is very important, as each age group has its own level of interest. Selection of characters, plot, start and ending of our story will depend upon our target readers.
  • It is also very important that before you start writing such type of stories you should read some of the famous writers of the same type. But most importantly don’t copy their style; rather create one of your own.
  • Once you have selected your target readers; you need to select the characters. It is a good option that you yourself become the main character and narrator of the story. This makes the story more interesting and realistic.
  • Then you need to select other characters around this main character. But the most important thing in your story is the character or the event or the happening from where horror starts. Selection of this character or event or happening needs to be given the extra bit of consideration.
  • Next step is to choose the plot or outline of your story. It is more than a selection, as it needs lots of imagination and creation. Outline of story and selection of characters are interrelated. Here you need to input the maximum of your imagination and creative skills. We give you some tips on selection of characters as under:
  • Their level of education and status of their work or job.
  • Physical appearance such as age, gender, color, weight, and height etc.
  • Their social behavior.
  • Their family and friends or colleagues.
  • And most importantly what are their fears, as horror begins with the type and level of fear one has in his normal life.
  • Any specific event or accident or happening that occurred in their past life, around which you will build your plot of a story.
  • Fears of the main character of a story may be of different types. It may be a person, a particular place, an event and so on. You will have to select the fear factor and create your story around it.
  •  Now start preparing outline or plot of your story. How it will start, how it will progress and when and how it will end.

Writing Plot

  • Preparing an outline of your story will help you to avoid blunders while writing the story. But keep in mind that you need not stick to your outline only. You may alter it to some extent during the course of writing, as during this phase you may come across new ideas.
  • Be careful not to be carried away with the rush of ideas; this may cause you to make mistakes and blunders. So give room to your new ideas but remain within an already chalked out plot.
  •  While building your story, always try to create suspense; it is very important part of a horror story.
  • Creation of horrific atmosphere is very important and main basis of your story. You may use anything for this purpose but excessive use of bloodshed, murders, and weapons should be avoided, as it may spoil of essence of your story. You can create horror without directly describing these things in detail.
  • Try to build your story in the present day environment rather than to stick to the old versions like an empty old castle or an old building, a jungle or a graveyard.
  • Try to create something within the present day atmosphere such as a remote corner of an office, less used lifts of a high rise building, rooftop of a sky rise building or it may be the storeroom of your apartment.
horror story
  • Similarly, the cause of horror or fear should not necessarily by a ghost, a zombie etc. Cause of horror may be kept invisible for the major part of your story. Not necessary that it should be a supernatural thing or character; it may even be a real person who creates such occurring that seems like supernatural.
  • Now comes the ending of your story. Not necessary to give your story a happy ending. It is not a good option in horror stories. Horror and fears never end. It continues with the life. So make the ending of your story in a way that the cause of horror should not end; it must remain there but your characters may get out of it at the end of your story.

Now that you have learned the art of writing a horror story, one thing must be kept in mind that despite all these methodologies, creativity still remains the basis of writing a story, so never stop thinking.

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