How To Write An Essay? Easy Guide

An essay is a short text about a particular topic. Its purpose is to analyze, evaluate and interpret a certain topic, for academic purpose or for personal interest. It is one the most important lessons taught in any language classes. In English Grammar, it has some specific divisions which are essential for a good essay.

tips to write an essay

If you are interested to know about the tips to write an essay then in this article, we will discuss some important steps to follow to write an essay, so read the complete article.



Before writing an essay brainstorm is necessary. You need to think that what topic you are writing for and what information must be needed? Think of proper stages of the structure of the essay. Your essay must start with a clear introduction then proceed with the main body and then the conclusion. Think of the main points you have to write in an essay. Make sure that information, you are writing, doesn’t overlap in the paragraphs.


introduction of essay

While writing an essay, special attention must be given to the introduction as it represents the main idea of that what this topic is about? It also presents the main points and arguments or we can say that it represents the 10% of the topic. It reflects the idea of the author and poses the problems. This is the focal point of your entire essay that captivates the reader.

Supporting Paragraphs

supporting paragraph of essay

In these paragraphs, the writer describes and analyses the topic. These paragraphs present ideas and arguments about the topic based on other sources such as magazines, interviews, books and online sources. It is the largest portion of an essay, occupying 80% of the essay. It is necessary to synthesize and summarize the information you are giving in these paragraphs. Information must be precise and to the point.

References And Quotations

References And Quotations in essay

In the supporting paragraphs, when you write any information with the support of other thesis and articles or books etc, it is mandatory that you must mention the sources from where you are taking the data. So always make sure to reference the sourcedof data obtained. Also, place the source of phrases and quotations you are directly using in your essay. Otherwise, it will be considered as plagiarism and can cause serious problems.



In the conclusion, you have to summarize the whole idea in few words. Not just briefly explain your whole idea, also tell the result of all the written idea or the point to which you want to provoke your readers.

I hope now you will be able to get the main idea of writing an essay and if you have any query then write it down in the comments sections. For more articles of your interest, you may visit Education category at TryArticles.

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